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Life at PLD Space

We are at the forefront of European space race and the first company to launch a private rocket in Europe. Join our team and help us transform space.

Our core values

The core values that guide us in everything we do:


Together, we are extraordinary. We share our victories and our defeats equally.

Hard work

We love breaking down barriers and exploring the unknown. Whatever we do, we give it our all.


We move fast and we respond rapidly to change. Flexible hours and a strong work-life balance mean we are always able to adapt to a world that never stands still.


We put our heart and soul into what we do, and we do it with integrity, excellence and accountability.

Keep it simple

We deliver simple, efficient solutions to complex challenges.

Why PLD Space?

Flexible working hours and a strong work-life balance

You choose when your day starts and ends.

Flexible remuneration plan

Choose from a range of options, including meal vouchers, public transport card, medical insurance and childcare vouchers.

Quality of life

Enjoy one of the healthiest lifestyles in Europe.

How to join - Common questions

Want to know more about how to join our team? We've got the answers.

How do I apply an offer?

Once you click on a vacancy, you will be redirected to Odoo, where you can access the application form by clicking on "Apply Now!"

Can I apply for the position in another language?

The PLD Space team offers job vacancies in both English and Spanish.

Can I apply for multiple positions at once?

Yes, you can apply for as many offers as you need. However, we recommend that you apply for the offer in which you can perform the best.

Can I apply for a position if I am a student?

Yes, at PLD Space we promote internally the creation of internship positions to train young talent, willing and willing to take on challenging challenges.

Curricular or extracurricular internship opportunities as first job opportunities are limited. It will be announced on the web when there is a vacancy available of this type.

How long will it take to receive a response?

Our Human Resources team works to ensure that our customer service is as fast and efficient as possible, guaranteeing personalized attention according to needs. Normally, within 15 days of applying, the HR team will contact you and inform you whether your application advances with the first interview or if it is discarded.


We need talented professionals like you – find the job that best suits your profile.

Where are we based?

Our work centres are strategically located to support our global and domestic business development.


Head office

At our head office on the Costa Blanca, we are designing and manufacturing our first MIURA 1 rocket, which will shape the future of European aerospace. Our HQ offers unbeatable workspaces to develop sector-leading projects. Proximity and strong transport links to Elche and Alicante helps our team members adapt to the Costa Blanca culture and enjoy the local leisure facilities and restaurants.


Launch pad

More the 500 aerospace flight tests since 1966 have positioned El Arenosillo as the ideal facility for our launches. Its geographical location allows rockets to unload their useful load in a safe, controlled trajectory. It also houses launch support areas such as control rooms, communication systems and radars.


Test centre

Since 2015, the PLD Space facilities at Teruel Airport have undergone constant growth, and now feature a hangar, a Flight Test Centre and a Full Stage Test Bench. A safe, inclusive, exciting workplace spanning more than 13,000 sqm, where our team can develop their abilities and make significant contributions to the leading European aerospace project: the MIURA 1 suborbital and the MIURA 5 orbital.



The Kourou spaceport in French Guiana will host the launch of our first MIURA 5 orbital rocket. It is the perfect location for rocket launches as it harnesses the additional velocity afforded by the Earth's rotation at the equator. As it is located in a nature reserve, special measures have been taken to minimise the environmental impact rocket launches.

Internships -Young talent programs

If you're a student and you're looking to get started in the industry, apply for a place and learn from top sector professionals.

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