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A perfect blend of technical skills and experience.

Raúl Torres

CEO & Co-Founder

Raúl Verdú

CBDO & Co-Founder

Eleazar González

CTO & Co-Founder

Juny Crespo


Daniele Sefusatti

Head of Structures

José Martínez

Head of Facilities

Francisco García

Head of Mission

Ismael Gutiérrez

Head of Propulsion

Sergio Soler

Head of Instrumentation & Testing

Juande Navarro

Head of Administration

Joaquín Durá


Cristo Peregrin

Design Engineer

Gerardo Cordero

Stress Analysis Engineer

Joan Beneyto

Stress Analysis Engineer

Yezer Mellado

Avionics Technician

Domingo Ruiz

Facilities Engineer

Pedro Moreno

Facilities Engineer

Samo Kosmrlj

Fluid Dynamics Engineer

Cauê Napier

Trajectory Engineer

Germán Torres

Propulsion Engineer

Maximilian Nürmberger

Payload Manager

Francisco Espinosa

Propulsion Engineer

Guillermo Martínez

Design Engineer

Luís Ramos

Tooling Engineer

Antonio Vera

Avionics Engineer

Sara Poveda

Administrative Specialist

Ana Pareja


Alejandro Pila

Stress Analysis Engineer

Armelle Frenea-Schmidt

System Engineer

Alberto Romero

Design Engineer

Edward Mercieca

Propulsion Engineer

Alejandro Masmiquel

Design Engineer

Jaime Polo

Instrumentation & Testing Engineer

Esteban Ramos

Facilities Engineer

Enrique Sanchiz

Instrumentation & Testing Engineer

Lorena Santos

Communication Manager

Miguel Yagües

Legal & Government Affairs

Anton Jormescu

Instrumentation & Testing Engineer

Grazia Bibiano

Recovery Engineer

Gabriel Alcolea

IT Manager

Antonio Serna

Stress Analysis Engineer

Sandra Campos

Executive Assistant

Jairo Rozo

Facilities Engineer

Alan Rochford

Turbomachinery Fluid Designer

Guzmán Martín

Instrumentation Engineer

Juan Luis Domínguez

Incoming Quality Inspector

Javier Puertas

Assembly Line Manager

Matthew Tanner

Turbomachinery Mechanical Designer

Joao Lebre

Rocket Concept Design Engineer

Mayte Ferrer

Quality, Environmental and Safety Manager

Mª Carmen Gil


Virginia Macía


Javier Romero

Maintenance and operation of test facilities - Teruel

José Manuel Martínez


Ignacio Alarcón

Mechanical Engineer


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