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    Turbomachinery Engineer

    SEDE: Elche
    TIPO: Full time (3 months trial)


    As part of a small, passionate, and accomplished team, you will be responsible for all aspects of turbopump design, development, test, and qualification and production.



    • Design, build, and test turbopump hardware for MIURA 5 first/second stage liquid propellant rocket engines (TEPREL-C and TEPREL-C Vac).
    • Perform the aero/hydro sizing, flow path design, analysis work for the turbopumps and other turbomachinery for MIURA 5 rocket engines
    • Perform detailed mechanical analysis on all the turbopump components and associated equipment, review design and ensure that meets the required standards for life and reliability targets.
    • Be part of turbopumps testing activities, review test data, provide limitations and safe operational conditions of turbopump hardware.
    • Participate in test readiness reviews, in an incremental approach: engine data (at TCA level) review, complete engine post-test review, integrated stage test data review, flight readiness review, and post flight data review.
    • Participate at post-processing data level to assess turbopump health, rotordynamic performance and cavitation phenomena
    • Develop data analysis tools necessary for turbopump health assessment and performance trend studies.
    • Elaborate, update and review engineering documentation including engineering models and drawings.
    • Evaluate hardware nonconforming conditions providing written dispositions for development, production, test, and postproduction discrepancies considering design requirements, safety, quality, cost and schedule.
    • Write, review, and update work instructions for assembly, handling, inspection of turbopump assemblies (both intermediate test articles and flight hardware).
    • Provide feedback to Identify, improve performance, increase reliability or manufacturability, and assembly at design level and operational level.

    Competencias requeridas

    • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
    • >3 years of experience designing turbomachinery components
    • Experience with commercial analysis (structural and fluids) software (ANSYS Tools).
    • Fluency in English is mandatory
    • Experience with high speed data acquisition and instrumentation using accelerometers and proximity probes.
    • Manage suppliers for the following but not limited assembly/ fabrication tooling support, rotor balance, casting, bearings and seals.
    • Experience in  one or more of the following:
      • Mechanical design of turbomachinery
      • Testing high speed turbomachinery 
      • Turbine / Aerodynamic design
      • Pump / Hydrodynamic design
      • Force balance and secondary flows 
      • Design of Bearings and Seals / Mechanical Elements for rocket turbopump application.
      • Rotor-bearing / rotordynamics with high speed data feedback.
      • Manufacturing / producibility of turbopump hardware.
    • Experience with cryogenic fluids.

    Competencias deseadas

    • Knowledge on space launch vehicles, metallic pressure vessels, COPV is desirable.
    • Knowledge in 3D CAD programs (SIEMENS NX preferred).
    • Knowledge in FEA analysis tools (ANSYS preferred)
    • Knowledge in CFD analysis.
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    Equal Employment Opportunity

    Payload Aerospace SL is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against gender, marital status, religion, age, colour, race, sexual orientation, nationality or disability.
    We are compromised in maintaining a diverse and free from discrimination working environment where everyone is treated with respect. Employment is based on an individual’s merit and qualifications, directly related to job competence.
    These principles are included in all aspects of employment: recruiting, hiring, training, compensation and benefits, and promotion.

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