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    The place where Research and Development projects to reach space come true.

  • Bringing rocket science down to Earth

PLD SPACE offers its propulsion test stand for liquid rocket engine testing and characterization. This unique platform in Europe provides a range of new opportunities for the European Space Industry to boost and to demonstrate space propulsion-related technologies.

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  • Your Technology Partner

PLD SPACE is your partner for new technology developments in real propulsion hardware and a new cross-cutting demonstration technologies for launchers and spacecraft.

We offer a vertical test and stand located at Teruel Airport for static engine test, turbopumps, engine characterization, electronics and Thrust Vector Control solutions.

Where are we?

  • Designed from scratch to power rocket engines

Why PLD SPACE's test stand?

  • Enables to perform several tests per day

    Our test stand can provide at any time enough propellant to perform several engine testings per day

  • Designed to accommodate different type of engines

    PLD Space's test stand is ready to fit and test engines up to 100 kN of thrust

  • Propellants capabilities

    Not just LOX-Kerosene, it also admits other propellant combinations such as LOX-Methane and Hypergolics.

  • Specialized operators

    PLD Space's team is fully committed to help you on the challenging endeavour of testing rocket engines

  • Non-populated area

    Just perfect for testing rocket engines

  • Private management

    Providing and ensuring an optimal management of your project with swiftness and cost-effectiveness

  • Our Mission Control. Ensuring quick interactions with your tests

PLD Space's Mission Control is close to the test stand, allowing to test frequently and responsively with small gaps between integration and testing.

  • Our Mission Control. Ensuring Safety Operations in every test

PLD SPACE's mission control is designed for monitoring your technology under safe operations while engines are running. Several computer screens and live CCTV are used to control both engine and facility. We can accommodate up to 5 Control Operators and 10 visitors for each test.

PLD SPACE's Rocket Engine Testing Services

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