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    ARION 1 is a reusable rocket that provides the perfect launch service for scientific research and technology demonstrations in a real space environment.

    ARION 1 will provide up to seven of high-quality microgravity environment, it can accommodate multiple payloads and it has low g-forces..

  • Inspired by the potential of SPACE, designed with researchers in mind

    ARION 1 suborbital launch services allow you to have real flight experience into space. This approach takes your technologies from laboratory environment and gives them flight heritage.

  • Doing Science?

    Make it in Space, discover new frontiers

  • Growing with Education?

    Each single flight is an opportunity

  • Maturing technology?

    Fly your cross-cutting technologies and increase its Technology Readiness Level

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  • Destination: SPACE

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    We are fully committed to revolutionizing commercial access to space for Scientists, Engineers and Educators.

    We are looking forward to providing you with significant in-depth information

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ARION1 Launch Services

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  • Technology Demonstration
  • Physics Science Research
  • Biological Science Research
  • Earth Observation experiences
  • Medical or Biotechnology Research
  • Educational Payloads
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